In 2018, for its second edition, the Venice Design Biennial (formerly Design.Ve - Venice Design Biennial) combined again the discovery of design with the immersive experience that Venice offers.

In a place where time flows at a different pace, where the perception of space is moulded by the undulations of steps, walking implies a disposition of encounter that is impossible to find elsewhere. The Venice Design Biennial provided an opportunity to explore design in unique locations, often not accessible to the public and away from the more established tourist routes.

The 2018 Venice Design Biennial was divided into a Main Group Exhibition, Design After Darwin (curated by Luca Berta, Francesca Giubilei and Alice Stori Liechtenstein) and 19 Collateral Projects distributed in various areas of the city. Martina Gamboni was in charge of strategy and communication.

With Generali Italia as main partner of the initiative, the Venice Design Biennial 2018 presented the work of more than 200 designers, along with studios, museums and academic institutions all operating in the field of design at both national and international levels.