Cora von Zezschwitz, Tilman Hoepfl

Installation view inside the Crociferi cloister

Cora von Zezschwitz & Tilman Hoepfl live and work in France. Besides pursuing their own art practice –ranging from photography and video to art installation-, the artists have worked together since 2016 on collaborative projects exploring the concept of social sculpture. Based on modular structures and the architecture of additions, they create physical platforms for dialogue and discussion, inspiring towards communal interaction and reflection, exploration and re-/construction, cultural exchange and togetherness.

Infinite Village was a continuation of the collaborative art project Un_Spaced that the artistic duo founded in 2017. The single modular structure describes a spatial solution that presents itself as a notion of space or dwelling rather than an object. Interventions with fabrics and other ‘poor’ materials suggest ideas of inhabitation and social activity to underscore the inextricable interdependence of artwork, architecture and the perception of open space, and intimacy, openness, reflection and dialogue. The project was visually and mentally understood as an open structure, a conscious yet playful construction of space. The structure functions as an autonomous work of art, a sculptural or architectural intervention, and an investigation of spatial perception. In addition, the title Infinite Village drew attention to the concept of structural transformation and architecture of additions towards the comprehension of space as material or transmitter of thought, and global issues such as habitation and migration.

Views from the exhibition
Ph. Teo Zanin