The Design Talks of the Venice Design Biennial, with international speakers and panel discussions, address the relevance of design in shaping spaces, objects, practices, relationships. In 2018 our Talks involved Alice Stori Liechtenstein (Founder and director of the Schloss Hollenegg for Design) as moderator and the London Design Biennale, The Neue Sammlung Museum with The Design Museum Munich, Instituto Campana and Genagricola by Generali.


London Design Biennale
"Emotional States: Design and Human Experience"
Speakers: Sumantro Ghose (Director London Design Biennale), Deniz Ova (Director Istanbul Design Biennial), Hunter Tura (President Bruce Mau Design) and Alexandra Sankova (Director Moscow Design Museum)

Die Neue Sammlung - The Design Museum Munich
"Storage of Evolution. Collection of Die Neue Sammlung - The Design Museum Munich
Speaker: Xenia Riemann (Museum Curator)

Istituto Campana
"Reinventing Materials, Reappropriating Traditional Artisan Craftwork"
Speaker: Humberto Campana (President Campana Institute)

Genagricola by Generali
"Agricoltura e multifunzionalità. Un nuovo modello di sviluppo per Cà Corniani"
Speakers: Alessandro Marchionne (AD Genagricola) and Matteo Pedaso (Strategic Planning Director)

In this picture, Luca Berta and Francesca Giubilei, co-founders of the Venice Design Biennial.
Above, the public attending the Talks; the London Design Biennale panel with Sumantro Ghose, Deniz Ova, Hunter Tura and Alexandra Sankova; some students interviewing Francesca Giubilei; Lucia Sciacca and Marco Sesana (Generali Italia) and the public at the opening.