Designers: Matthias Hierzer, Otto Kaltner, Markus Resinger, Philip Waldhuber, Ahmad Darkhabani & Pirmin Pilz Björn Gerd Seidl & Stefan Weirauch, Stefan Hutterer, Martyna Pisarek.

OTTO chair by Otto Kaltner, LENA table by Stefan Hutterer, LOIS stools by Ahmad Darkhabani + Pirmin Pilz

The Institute for Interior Design of the Graz University of Technology (TU) has a studio for furniture prototypes. The aim is to achieve a collaboration of craftspeople, architects and students for producing practical yet state-of-the-art furniture. Its value lies in using regionally available materials and top-quality workmanship. The primary task of the studio is to re-think craft techniques and combine them with today’s production processes, that is visible also in the detailed complexity of joinery developed here.

Under the direction of architect Irmgard Frank, the Institute of Spatial Design presented Amm – Furniture by Architects | Architektinnen Machen Möbel, from the course of Furniture Design Production at the Faculty of Architecture of the Graz University of Technology. During this programme, students gain first-hand experience in all phases of the design and production process and gain a practical insight into the performance of materials. Manufactured with guidance from a skilled team from the Institute’s wood workshop, the students crafted pieces for this collection that reflect the multidisciplinary approach of the school.

In 2018, for the first time, the products produced within the Institute were placed on the market, including three stools, three chairs, a bench, and a table. The exhibition sought to question the various functions, necessities and requirements of contemporary ways of life, resulting in tactile objects designed to be felt, touched and used in a far-from-conventional manner.

External view of the exhibition during the opening, ph. Amm - Otto Kaltner,LOIS by Ahmad Darkhabani + Pirmin Pilz, ph. Amm - Otto Kaltnerm, HIAS by Matthias Hierzer, ph. Teo Zanin, Captionssedia, LOIS by Ahmad Darkhabani + Pirmin Pilz, Ph. Amm - Otto Kaltner, OTTO by Otto Kaltner, ph. Teo Zanin, Rocking Chair by Martyna Pisarek, ph. Teo Zanin