Among the designers: Tarmo Luisk, Toivo Raidmets, Maile Grünberg, Tõnis Vellama, Monika Järg, Jaanus Orgusaar, Elmet Treier, Maria Rästa, Stella Soomlais, Mare Kelpman, Oot-Oot, Margus Triibmann, Annike Laigo, Urmas Lüüs, Raili Keiv, Karmen Saat, Piret Loog, Lisa Arro and Johanna Tammsalu.

Curated by Ilona Gurjanova

For the hundredth anniversary of the Baltic Republic of Estonia, Estonian Design House / Eesti Disaini Maja brought to Venice a selection of Estonian designs that were presented in their pop-up gallery, in front of the Architecture Estonian Pavilion, across the canal. The platform, Estonian Design House, was created some ten years ago by the Estonian Designers Association with the goal of promoting the products of the best designers of the country and today it works as a network connecting various Estonian designers from different sectors equipped with multidisciplinary skills, offering creative and innovative solutions for product design and simultaneously instigating processes of exchange and collaboration.

The characteristic quality of their set of products is their minimalistic Nordic style, the attention for the quality of their works and a sense of craftsmanship and uniqueness of the objects aided by the fact they often only produce limited series. Another hallmark to all their designs is their commitment to sustainable and affordable manufacture that promotes the use of natural materials.

Estonian Design House, currently representing over a hundred of designers, has already been ambassador to Estonian design in many cities all over the world, Paris, London, Milan, Vienna, St. Petersburg, San Francisco, D.C, among others.

Exhibition views, details from the exhibition, and a moment during the opening (ph. Estonian Design House).
Ph. Teo Zanin