Fabienne Benveniste, Astrig Fister, Christophe Mirande, Romain Quattrina

Sculpture by Romain Quattrina, table by Astrig Fister, on the wall: Christophe Mirande and Fabienne Benveniste

SISMIK was an exhibition conceived by the French designer Astrig Fister that reunited the works of four artists who worked together on the concept of fracture, and the will of man to put pieces back together, moving like tectonic plates. SISMIK posed that similar to these plates, human nature is constantly moving.

There is a longing for internal growth within each individual; there is a desire, common to all humans, to travel, to see fresh places and, further than just geographically, there is a drive towards other journeys, those that happen through the exchanging of ideas with other people and experiences.

SISMIK is also the Earth, complete with lines of fragmentation, traces left by explosive oceanic and earthen energy. Like these fractures that combine to create one, we as individuals own the will to gather and encounter one another, moving like those tectonic plates beneath us. It is this sense of individuality that has brought these artists together.

The exhibition statement reads “Fabienne is the vibrant movement. Christophe is the intense volcanic energy, like hot lava that bonds the matter. Romain is the telluric, earthly force, working with an immediate physicality. Astrig is the foundation, the essential bond between the artists. The fundamental idea is that we live in a world of fracture, the source of inspiration to create this project. Inspiration comes from itself. It wills itself into being”. The four artists came together in Venice, a city united by aquatic fractures, to present the artistic realisation of this concept in the surroundings of the Serenissima.

Sculpture by Romain Quattrina, on the wall: Christophe Mirande
Furniture and mirror by Astrig Fister
On the wall: Christophe Mirande and Fabienne Benveniste

On the walls: Christophe Mirande
Table by Astrig Fister, lamp by Romain Quattrina, painting by Fabienne Benveniste
Furniture by Astrig Fister, painting by Fabienne Benveniste
Sculpture by Romain Quattrina, painting by Fabienne Benveniste

Ph. Teo Zanin