Designers: Mali Weil (Elisa Di Liberato, Lorenzo Facchinelli, Mara Ferrieri)

Circle by Mali Weil, ph. Teo Zanin

From the creative direction of art-based brand Mali Weil came Animal Spirits a collection of limited edition products and an imaginative experiment influenced by the narrative and symbolic nature of mythology.

Hosted in a private Venetian residence exclusively for the Venice Design Biennial, Mali Weil presented their latest collection: Aphrodisia, a space, an imaginary and a research on a kind of friendship, used as a starting point for a new Animal Spirits capsule collection. Aphrodisia was dedicated to erotica, as the "art of intensifying relationships and inflaming the body and mind”.

Complicity by Mali Weil, ph. Teo Zanin

Each piece of the collection formed a fragment of a wider dialogue in which the spaces, rituals, and private actions belonging to the domestic sphere, become moments to empower the body, to consolidate friendships, catalysing new visions in which political imagination becomes an erotic act.

Animal Spirits transformed the home environment into a gymnasium –the ancient Greek space dedicated to the physical and philosophical training of the individual for the public life, but also a venue to cultivate political and erotic relationships.

The show integrated design and artistic research with performance and political reflection, developing the idea of the ‘performative object’ – an object capable of merging practical function and narrative function in order to prolong the ephemeral duration of the performance in which it is presented.

This way, Aphrodisia was presented as a process as well, conceived with a performative approach, in order to forerun the making of the design-object and to continue after the exhibition.

Among the showcased objects of the exhibition there was a carpet, a lamp, cutlery and recipients of aromatic oils.

The Circle carpet remakes the ring of Greco-Roman wrestling that transforms the space into a place for exercising imagination and challenges one’s limits. Fully handmade using the technique of tapestry and completed by precious insertions of raw copper.

The Complicity Lamp works like an applique; it aims to be in its reduction the minimum unit of light.

Collision by Mali Weil, ph. Teo Zanin
Detail of Collision by Mali Weil, ph. Teo Zanin

Journalists joining Amare Alcibiade symposium/performance by Mali Weil, ph. Teo Zanin

Complicity lamp by Mali Weil, Conspiracy and Amare Alcibiade symposium/performance by Mali Weil, ph. Mali Weil and Teo Zanin

Circle by Mali Weil, ph. Teo Zanin