Alvise Giacomazzi architect + Crunchlab

Crunchlab is an open community lab and research centre on applied arts and technologies based in San Dona’ di Piave in the Venice Metropolitan Area. Their lab constitutes a physical space for professionals – from such diverse backgrounds as Science, Technologies, Engineering, Arts or Mathematics- to gather and share their common interests and expertise.

With this same sense of collaborative multidisciplinary work, Alvise Giacomazzi and Crunchlab teamed up with the platform for civic innovation CivicWise and together they brought to Venice 2.73, a project for the resilient citizens of its islands to reflect on the question of living in Venice.

According to the Yearbook of Tourism 2016, the average stay in the historical island is of 2.73 days. This data is taken as an excuse to carry out a broader reflection on what living in Venice entails.

The research within this exhibition is an example of "civic design" inspired by the principles of hospitality, collective intelligence and digital fabrication.

During the 4 weekends of the Venice Design Biennial, visitors were invited to design a permanent Beta prototype of a home for resilient citizens through dialogues, talks and debates. For the occasion, the apartment where the project took place hosted a small open-air cinema and an exhibition of 41 design pieces that were made using digital manufacturing techniques, including the Cislonga prototype, a chair by Alvise Giacomazzi made out of multi-layered wooden beams and planes.

Views from the exhibition
Ph. Teo Zanin