Designers: Mariana Aguirre, Davide Aquini, Francesca Borelli, Gaetano Di Gregorio, Aitana Gago Argüello, Joao Lacerda Moreira, Mariana Pellegrino, Federico Peri, Zaven + Sardiska with IKEA

Curators: Nilo Amlashi, Zahra Bunakji, Fernanda Costa de Andrade, Yasmine Helou, Virginia Lupo, Sanjana J. Pillai, Lucia Trevisan.

Installation view

IED Venice hosted the exhibition CASA IED: Grand Canal Edition on the second noble floor of Palazzo Franchetti. It was a new edition of the homonymous project they already presented in Milan during their program for the IED Design Week 2018 on the occasion of Salone del Mobile.

CASA IED, was curated by a group of students from the Master in Curatorial Practice of IED Venice. They proposed an interior space that evokes seven different environments: the entrance, the living room, the kitchen, the storage, the reading room, the bedroom, and a seventh non-physical ambience that relies on the idea of ‘shelter’.

Together with the designers, the curators created a multifaceted interpretation of home as the result of a confluence of different perspectives on what makes a place familiar, a sort of “state of being”. For them, home does not mean a strictly physical space, it can be found in the cosiness of a living room, the privacy of a makeshift shelter or through the silent pages of a book found in a crowded reading room. A smell, a sound, an object, a feeling, all the senses come into play to lend a place a soul.

Biblioteca Itinerante for Nilufar by Federico Peri

The idea for the project stemmed from the will to think of IED as if it were a ‘house’, a space where identities are built, and where each one brings their own culture, their own diversity, and where people meet and pass on their creativity. The selection of projects that made up the exhibition all talked about ideas that did not remain on the paper.

Testa di Doge, ceramic vase by Gaetano Di Gregorio and Storage units from the Pagliolo collection by Davide Aquini

The objects on view at Palazzo Franchetti were works made by alumni of the institute, now professional designers whose works have been made in collaboration with prominent companies such as Atipico, FontanaArte, Ikea, Oluce, Progetti in luce and Urbo, or as brand new self-productions.

As a particularity of the Venetian edition of the exhibition, these projects appeared accompanied by a selection of works by some professors of IED Venice, such as Davide Aquini and Zaven - Wallpaper* Design Award winners -, Joao Lacerda Moreira, Francesca Tencalla and Gaetano Di Gregorio. On the occasion of the Venice Glass Week that took place in September 2018 and whose brand identity was developed by IED, CASA IED was completed by a series of glass works made by Venetian designers.

Bell jars from the Muse collection, Vase from the Algidi collection, Tables from the TuttoSesto collection by Davide Aquini; Ikea MERETE curtain from the SARDISKA collection by product design students, Plates by Gaetano Di Gregorio from the Fabrics collection, green Lola chair by Zaven, Velox chair by João Lacerda Moreira, Eva lamp by Francesca Borelli; people attending the opening; sketches and plan of the exhibition.
Ph. Teo Zanin