Aresline, Attico, Cosentino, Fimes, Lago, LCF, Oikos, Tosetto, Vistosi

Attico Interni

The island of San Servolo has been occupied for a very long time by different inhabitants. In the 900s there was the first settlement in the lagoon of the order of Benedictine monks that gathered and preserved manuscripts for over a millennium; in the time of the Napoleonian government, it turned into a military hospital, and afterwards into a sanatorium until 1978. The dependencies of the island were abandoned until the 90s, a time in which the city of Venice took over its management and returned San Servolo to the local community.

Venice Innovation Design is a project by San Servolo srl, the in-house company of the Metropolitan City of Venice, that since 2004 has been devoted to enhancing the heritage of the island and directing the cultural activities at San Servolo, where the Congress and Events Center is located alongside beautiful accommodation facilities immersed in one of the largest green spaces of the city.

Backed by the positive experience of the Innovation Biennial and in collaboration with the University Ca’ Foscari, in 2018 the island was the permanent home of Venice Innovation Design that invites the most prestigious Italian design companies to inhabit the multi-purpose spaces of the island and its park to implement innovative projects. The first edition of Venice Innovation Design has transformed the Island of San Servolo into an active ‘design in progress’ laboratory, a multifunctional platform to explore and develop the initiatives of the first Italian firms.

For the partner companies involved - Aresline, Attico, Cosentino, Fimes, Lago, LCF, Oikos, Tosetto, Vistosi - the project of Venice Innovation Design makes up a remarkable new formula to showcase and promote their activity in one of the main stages for culture in Europe. The expectation of the project is for each company to choose a space to intervene and redesign, that way leaving their mark on the Venetian island.

From above: the new bedrooms with Attico Interni furnishing, detail by Vistos, Chairs by LOF, views from San Servolo Island.
Ph. Teo Zanin