A project by: Pas-e in collaboration with Omri Revesz Design

O>S stands for Open Space, Open Source, Open Studio and Open System. It is the result of the collaboration between the production agency Pas-e, two research and production studios for sound design, and a scenography studio. The collaborating platforms share an approach to working as a collective process that happens through constant dialogue within the studio, their interlocutors, and the future users of their projects.

The project, which became a permanent platform, is an open space, both physically and organisationally, and it aims to bring together independent creatives with start-ups and young entrepreneurs of the fields of culture, sound, design, graphics and architecture who are looking for a working space.

O>S is located at a former carpentry and workshop that has been converted into a hybrid space, adapting to the various activities and needs of contemporary creativity. The space has been restructured in close collaboration with Omri Revesz Design, a studio specialised in the design of modular spaces and temporary architecture, a crossover between art and design. Restored with recycled materials, the space is inherently flexible and multifunctional and allows users to interact with it on many levels such as a place of work, an exhibition space, a conference room, or a concert hall.

Besides Omri Revesz Design, O>S has the support of numerous partners as d&b audiotechnik, CAN, Grafiche Veneziane, Fallani, the University IUAV from Venice and Ca’ Foscari.

O>S by Pas-e and Omri Revesz Design, views and details of the exhibition
Ph. Teo Zanin