Often the rarity of an object defines its value, making it precious in the eyes of those who observe it, just because it is uncommon, unusual and, at times, hidden from most. This invisibility imposes the need for a careful search, that sees what is hidden and finds its extraordinariness. A journey of discovery that can lead to see the preciousness of an object in the hands of those who preserve the tradition between their fingers, that craftsmanship that encloses the essence of a territory, the history of the land in which it was born. And if this past merges with the gaze of those who are called to take on a new point of view, to see a new spirit, a celebratory piece can be born.

Kyre Chenven and Ivano Atzori. Ph. Valentino Congia

The Abba Est Vira Collection by Pretziada Studio and Walter Usai. Ph. Pretziada

Pretziada, the artistic project of Kyre Chenven and Ivano Atzori, aims to create these connections, through interdisciplinary artistic actions that develop a link between Sardinia and the rest of the world, between those who are part of the island culture and those who aren’t. The idea is to make the hidden beauty visible, to take it beyond the borders, creating a dialogue between Sardinian artisans and contemporary designers, placing both figures on the same level, as essential elements of the creative and production phases.

VASI JARA & SETTIU by Maria Paola Piras. Ph. Veronika Motulko, Pretziada

PERDAS FITTAS by Studiopepe + Karmine Piras; LIA CHAIR by Chiara Andreatta + Pierpaolo Mandis.
Ph. Veronika Motulko, Pretziada

This research also includes the pieces that the duo selected for "Pretziada: A Self-Portrait in Design", the exhibition presented at the Oratorio dei Crociferi, during the third edition of the Venice Design Biennial. A small hidden jewel of Venice, where the paintings of Palma il Giovane framed the works by Chiara Andreatti + Pierpaolo Mandis, Maria Paola Piras and Studiopepe + Karmine Piras.

Pretziada in the Oratorio dei Crociferi. Ph. Federico Floriani

Maria Paola Piras, expert of techniques that come from the nuragic prehistory, takes inspiration from the shapes of the vases found on the island, to create her VASI JARA & SETTIU; Studiopepe’s PERDAS FITTAS celebrate the sacredness of Sardinian stone and the healing power of water: miniature mountains that refer to the majestic and mysterious nature of the island, on which small bronze vases are placed, casted into the art lab of Karmine Piras. While Chiara Andreatti creates together with the artisan Pierpaolo Mandis, LIA CHAIR, a reinterpretation of the typical scannu, the small wooden and straw chair present in Sardinian country houses, increasing its size to make it more comfortable and underline its social importance.

Allusion Carpet by Pretziada Studio and Mariantonia Urru. Ph. Pretziada

Attention to the social function that can also be seen within the walls of Pretziada Headquarters, an architectural intervention made in an ancient furriadroxiu of Is Aresus, in the municipality of Santadi, in Sardinia, where Chenven and Atzori imagined creating spaces to live in a broad sense, intersecting work and conviviality, experimentation and design. A place where different personalities can meet and give life to a creative process, only possible through interaction.

Pretziada sets a link between what is in the island and what is the world, with projects that exceed the limits of design, ranging from photography to writing, to grasp different aspects of the Sardinian heritage. Starting from what lies behind the scenes of artistic creation, they want to foster a change in the Sardinian territory. The intention is to make a social contribution through creativity. But this is only possible if the authenticity of the places and their products is preserved. Authenticity should not fear cross-pollination if, as in Pretziada’s intent, it is done in respectful way toward the peculiarities of a tradition.

Karmine Piras. Ph. Pretziada

The Pretziada Boots, for instance, reinterpret the boots of the Sardinian shepherds, combining the best features of this typical object with some aesthetic and functional solutions that make the garment fashionable for daily use. Or the Abba Est Vira collection, created with Walter and Elio Usai, in which the shapes of traditional jugs and water bottles are reduced to their essence to become not only functional but also decorative objects.

Moments of the creation of the vases by Maria Paola Piras.
Ph. Pretziada

Perhaps the preciousness of the project of Kyre Chenven and Ivano Atzori lies in the respectful dialogue that they have established with Sardinia and its inhabitants, in the way they detect sources of wonder into everyday practices. Eager to show the beauty of this land, piece by piece, and to regain the time to slowly savor its fruits.

The artisan during the act of creation. Ph. Pretziada