The game of bowls seems to be one of the oldest sports in the world (the first traces date back to 7000 BC). In the heart of Venice, in the Sestiere of Dorsoduro, one of the oldest bowls' associations in Italy survives and is indeed very much alive: Bocciofila San Sebastiano, among the oldest in Italy.

Accessible from a small entrance in fondamenta Briati, a few steps from the Church of Angelo Raffaele, it is equipped with three covered courts, a garden bordering the city's vegetable gardens and a hall for parties.

This is where, more and more often, old gentlemen gather to play bocce, together with students, spectators and Venetians in general who seek a space for sharing and meeting.

Designers on show:

Aina Kari, Alissa Volchkova for SWING Design Gallery, Alves Ludovico, Anna Jožová for Umprum, Anna Resei, Corpus Studio, Duyi Han, Elena Salmistraro for Scapin Collezioni, Ebba Lindgren, Estúdio Bloco A + Johé Bruneau, Francesco Maria Messina, Gōngzuò by Alessandra Negri, Heger et Demumieux, Joseph Algieri, Leo De Carlo for Vetralia Collectible, Logua Family by Julia Ionova, Lucia Massari, Nicola Di Froscia, Steven K. Tucker for Abbozzo Gallery, Paolo Marasi, Polymorf, Riccardo Rizzetto, Tadeáš Podracký.

Ph. Giacomo Gandola

Bocciofila San Sebastiano, Fondamenta Briati 2371, Dorsoduro

Open from May 19 to June 18, Wednesday to Monday, 11am-7pm. Closed on Tuesdays.

Free admittance