In the early 20th century, the vast area between Rio de le Convertite and Fondamenta San Biagio in Giudecca was occupied by a brewery. Venice in fact boasted a certain tradition in this branch of industry. Distilleria Veneziana built a brewery with its own entrance in Fondamenta San Biagio in 1902.

Here, in addition to the factory proper, there were also warehouses for the raw materials for the production of alcohol, hops and coal. At the beginning of the century the business was flourishing, so much so that a 'Beer Regatta' was even organised in the Giudecca Canal for commercial purposes.

< Ph. Veronika Motulko

Later the company changed various names: Birra San Marco, Società Birra Venezia and finally Birra Pedavena Dreher Venezia. The decline of the business due to competition from German beer turned the local brewery into a simple depot for soft drinks, especially "spuma".

Designers on show:

Andrea Grecucci for Vaspaar, Barbara Schweizer, Chen-Yu Wang, Coco Brun, Galapagos, GROOVIDO, Jaykishan Mistry, Maria Risueño Dominguez, Matteo Cibic for altreforme, Millim Studio, Nicolette de Waart, Paolo Marasi, RUDA Studio, Satyendra Pakhalé for Tubes, Steven K. Tucker for Abbozzo Gallery, Studio Mau Mau, StudioNotte for Naya, Studio, Yongwon, Yung Kim.

Installation views ph. Giacomo Gandola

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