Second Chance: Estonian Association of Designers is among the collateral projects to the Venice Design Biennial's five main exhibitions. They are independent shows, with their own curatorship but part of the design walks through Venice and our design program.

The exhibition of Estonian sustainable design "Second Chance", organised by the Estonian Association of Designers, was opened in the heart of the Biennale district. Estonian design was represented in Venice for the second time. The issue of the environment, which came to the fore during the crisis, has given rise to the content of this year's exhibition. The exhibition demonstrated how recycling turns used items into new products, which saves limited resources and protects the environment.

Latteria Moderna
Castello, Via Garibaldi 1791
Opening on June 11th at 6 pm

12 > 20 June, 2021
Open every day, 11 am - 7 pm

Design Raili Keiv
Design Leonardo Meigas

The exhibition featured design solutions from well-known Estonian designers and several award winners: Marit Ilison, Reet Aus, Kairi Lentsius, Angela Orgusaar, Urmas Lüüs, Sille Luiga, Kalli Sein, Raili Keiv, Margot Vaaderpass, Tarmo Luisk, Elmet Treier, Igor Volkov, Kalli Sein, Anne Türn, Mihkel Mölder and Laura Saks. Experimental tableware for the restaurant by Fotografiska was shown by Estonian Art Academy.

The curator was Ilona Gurjanova, the president of Estonian Association of Designers and design of the exhibition based on the principle of recycling is by Leonardo Meigas.

A small pop-up shop was also open in the Latteria Moderna gallery on Garibaldi Street, where most of the exhibition's products can also be purchased.

The Estonian Association of Designers (EDL), which unites more than 160 well-known Estonian designers, has undertaken to actively introduce the achievements of Estonian design also outside Estonia. Over the past 20 years, curated exhibitions have been performed in more than 20 cities. The association has its own store, the Estonian Design House, and for 16 years EDL has been organizing the Tallinn Design Festival.

Design Kairi Lentsius