Pretziada. A Self-Portrait in Design, is the exhibition project curated by the duo Pretziada, housed in the ancient Oratorio dei Crociferi, where the magnificent late Renaissance pictorial cycle by Palma il Giovane framed the selection of pieces created in collaboration between Sardinian workshops and international creatives.

Curated by: Pretziada

May 20 > June 27
Oratorio dei Crociferi
Campo dei Gesuiti, Cannaregio 4904

Ph. Federico Floriani

Pretziada’s work evokes a world apparently distant in time and space, a future/archaic age still very much alive in both Sardinian and Venetian material culture. Functionality and decoration, simplicity of shapes and richness of details are the characteristics of this capsule collection, which includes some unpublished pieces produced in the last year, lived between distancing and concentration, from the insular point of view of the land of Sardinia.

On show projects by Chiara Andreatti + Pierpaolo Mandis, Maria Paola Piras, Studiopepe + Karmine Piras for Pretziada.

Ph. Franco Cogoli. Courtesy I Gioielli Nascosti di Venezia

In the galley: Jara & Settiu Vessel by Maria Paola Piras; Lia Chair by Chiara Andreatti + Pierpaolo Mandis; Perdas Fittas by Studiopepe + Karmine Piras.
Ph. Federico Floriani, Ph. Veronika Motulko.