From the left to the right: To re or not to re? by Joevelluto for Teraplast; Val by Luca Nichetto for La Manufacture; Drops by Zanellato/Bortotto for De Castelli; Shades of Venice by Marco Zito for Saba; Murano bu Omri Revesz for Cimento; Suro by Marco Zito for LYM. Ph. Federico Floriani.

Past Forward. Designers from the Land of Venice at the Archaeological Museum of Venice, in Piazza San Marco, is the exhibition that displaye the works of 16 designers who live and work today in Venice and its territory.
Combining the masterpieces of ancient art with contemporary design pieces, the exhibition intended to embody the double gaze towards the past and the future that has always characterized Venice. That tight rope, oscillating between the cult of secular traditions and massive biennial assumptions of hyper-contemporaneity, on which the city walks with uncertain and enchanting acrobatics.

Curated by: Luca Berta and Francesca Giubilei

May 20 > June 27
Museo Archeologico Nazionale
Piazza San Marco, 17/52 (entrance from Museo Correr)

In the gallery: Dermallow 2 by Matteo Cibic for Seeds Gallery; Technicolor by Matteo Zorzenoni for Nason Moretti; Lapidea by Gaetano di Gregorio; #21.12B TUBES by Zaven. Ph Federico Floriani.

Designers on show:

AUT, Barbara Schweizer, Gaetano Di Gregorio, João Lacerda Moreira, JoeVelluto Design for Teraplast and W-Eye, Kanz Architetti, Lorenzo Mason, Lorenzo Truant for Phanes, Luca Nichetto for La Manufacture, Lucia Massari for Swing Design Gallery, Marco Zito for Saba and LYM, Massimo Barbierato, Matteo Cibic for Seeds, Matteo Zorzenoni for Nason Moretti, Omri Revesz for Riva 1920 and Cimento, Zanellato / Bortotto for CC-Tapis and De Castelli, Zaven for Galleria Luisa Delle Piane.

From above: A3-A4, stool + Spray Paintings by Lorenzo Mason; Cupid in Love by Barbara Schweizer for Ongaro e Fuga Specchi Veneziani with the participation of Paper Factor; GRIDO by Zaven for Galleria Luisa Delle Piane.

In the gallery: BITTA by Omri Revesz for Riva 1920; Suro, by Marco Zito for LYM; Dispositivo per l’osservazione by Massimo Barbierato; Lapidea by Gaetano di Gregorio; Murano by Omri Revesz for Cimento.
Ph Federico Floriani, Ph. Veronika Motulko.

From above: SOFTWOOD by Lucia Massari for Swing Design Gallery; Match by JoeVelluto Design for W-Eye; Levitas by Lorenzo Truant for Phanes; Terrarium - Plants Under Cover by AUT for WILD-Living with plants; Tubo by João Lacerda Moreira; Waves by Kanz Architetti; Giudecca by Zanellato / Bortotto for CC-Tapis; Dispositivo per l’osservazione by Massimo Barbierato.
Ph Federico Floriani, Ph. Veronika Motulko.