Studio Guadagni hosted in Salizada San Samuele the limited edition of furniture and accessories by the French brand Hervet Manufacturier that, inspired by modern architecture and geometry, launched this selection of bold furniture pieces.

Hervet Manufacturier is the reunion of the two Hervet cousins, Cédric and Nicolas who, after having followed different paths in their early careers – Cédric even worked as Creative Director for music duo Daft Punk-, started working together in 2008, when they designed their first desk. With Hervet Manufacturier, they came back to the craft that their family had been working for four generations in Normandy. Starting from a firm commitment with the quality of the materials and with the uniqueness of their products, the Hervet cousins specialised in limited editions of tailored furniture.

Their passion for wood made this solo show a perfect extension to the central exhibition. It was an ideal opportunity to enjoy in Venice the know-how and visual pleasure that the Hervet pieces provide to the spectator. Among them, one found on display pieces like Audiosatt, a wooden vessel that encloses a Bose sound system; Le Fauteuil, an armchair of ‘intergalactic’ aesthetic and made on the best-quality wood and leather; Le Module, a footstool thought as the standard measuring unit for living spaces at the same time; Le Meuble Arcade, an ‘Electronic Pandora’s Box Totem of pop culture of the 80s which contains 520 third-generation video games like Pacman; and their most recent Table Basse Ovale, ‘Surf’, which recalls the passion for the board sports culture.

Ph. Cristina Galliena Bohman