The concept store Madera, in Campo San Barnaba, for the first edition of the Venice Design Biennial presented the exclusive installation S/Vasi by Reggiani Ceramica, a design and production workshop started in the heart of Venice by Andrea Reggiani, who has carried out collaborations with many other experimental designers of the island like Studio Kanz or the Muranese Salviati.

S/Vasi is an experimental project born in Venice in 2014 that applies 3D printing to traditional ceramic materials. The digital design of the object is reproduced by a subtle ceramic thread in constant motion. This thread moulds the object from bottom to top and defines its details layer by layer. The following phases are those of traditional pottery: drying, firing, enamelling and final firing. The result of the union between machine and matter produces small items, each one slightly different and therefore unique. The objects printed by this 3D robot were contemporary and eye-catching pieces that still had a touch of craftsmanship, where successful experiments tested the clash between tradition and innovation.

Ph. Cristina Galliena Bohman