Hosted in the garden within the Chiostro Don Orione, Eiretama was the proposal by the Brazilian Mameluca Studio, directed by the renowned designer Alessandra Clark, granddaughter of the 20th-century influential artist Lygia Clark.

Belonging to the Taba Collection, Eiretama stemmed from research into Brazilian Indian communities with which Mameluca Studio aimed to bring the visual culture of these civilisations into the contemporary design. The proposal aimed to enrich the knowledge of history of Brazil around the world. "By learning and contemplating the Indian tattoos we have noticed the geometric drawings in civilisations that had no contact to the outside world until recently".

As an aftermath of these investigations, a pattern of geometrical symbols such as triangles and squares has been shortened and applied to this set of furniture. The resulting designs were based on a triangular shape which, by multiplication, transformed in a hexagonal structure.

These structures were named Eiretama. The name is in Tupi language, which is one of the principal languages of Brazilian Indians civilisations; Eiretama means "beehive".

This solution enabled the Studio to work on the concept of “one shape, many objects” that can be modified as you wish. That is why Mameluca defines itself as an experimental lab of ideas and explains that its design method is based on the interaction with the end-user.

*Eiretama has been shown afterwards at Design Miami 2019.

Ph. Cristina Galliena Bohman